What's going on with black girls ?

School to Prison pipeline

 Black girls with disabilities are at a higher risk of prison to school pipeline and lack of receiving adequate services. Black girls receive the highest percentage of special education services overall. 

School to Prison Pipeline of Black Girls 

Girls with disabilities and Substantial barriers

Girls with disabilities in general also experience substantial barriers—insufficient attention, disproportionate discipline, sexual abuse and violence, and restraint and seclusion—that endanger their ability to stay and succeed in school, as well as their future employment and financial prospects.

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My Girl Story tells the stories of 2 African American young women from Detroit and their journey to being the young ladies they want to become.

My Girl Story campaign consists of community organizations, influencers and individuals like you to host virtual film screenings and community conversations with the public and young women in America and even around the world. It is our vision to help community members collectively think about ways to improve the lives of girls but more specifically black girls living with physical disabilities, mental health challenges, chronic health illnesses and their families.

It is also our vision to help girls find the power of their stories and voice. We provide facilitation guides and My Girl Story workbooks as complementary materials. Because as our tagline says, Inside Every Girl is Herstory. 

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