Meet My Girl Story Film Team and Protagonists

Executive Producer:
Tameka Citchen-Spruce 

She's a filmmaker and Disability Justice Activist. Ms. Wheelchair MI 2006, Mrs. Spruce studied Theatre at Henry Ford Community College and wrote a One-Act Stage Play called 24 Hours to Live. Later she studied Broadcast Television and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Oakland University. The combination of her knowledge of Journalism and Theatre she learned the importance of telling a personal story In 2008, she proudly became a member of Warriors on Wheels of Metropolitan Detroit, a disability rights organization in Detroit, Michigan. Years later, Mrs. Spruce continues to be Disability Justice activist fighting for the rights of people with disabilities Mrs. Spruce fights for the rights of people with disabilities. Also, she has a keen interest sharing her story of being an African American woman with a disability and lifting up stories of other marginalized communities through her films and workshops. Her latest accomplishments were being a co-presenter of Surviving Ableism and Racism 101 at Facing Race Conference. She created a workshop, Are You Practicing Inclusion? for Warriors on Wheels of Metropolitan Detroit. She produced, wrote and edited an award-winning short film, Justifiable Homicide. Her work has appeared in Detroit film festivals.  

Director and Producer; Eileen Hayes

She has worked on a variety of short, narrative and documentary films. She was the Digital Media Arts Director of QCASPʼs, Project Citizen: Youth Perspectives, an after-school program combining social issues that can be addressed through public policy with the medium of filmmaking for middle and high-school students. Through her company, Blink Twice Productions, she teaches video production skills and guides the students through the documentary process. Their debut film, “Safety in Our Schools,” won an Excellence Award at the 43rd Annual Digital Arts Film and TV (DAFT) festival, in Detroit, Michigan and was selected to appear at the Youth Powered Film Festival sponsored by Educational Video Curriculum (EVC) located in New York, New York and was awarded the Trailblazer Award. Other positions she has held include Script Supervisor, Second Assistant Director, and First Assistant Director. She most notably, filming, producing and directing the Inaugural Scholar Conference for Envision EMI in Washington DC during the historic inauguration of President Obama in 2008. She was also the Unit Production Manager for the feature film, “Christmas Miracle,” starring Dean Cain which was honored with Best Michigan Feature Film at the Uptown Film Festival in 2013. She is now the Executive Director of Michigan Faith in Action


My Girl Story Social Impact Fellow: Marshanae Matthew

I'm Honored to Be Apart Of The My Girl Story. I'm A Full Time College Student and As A 29 Year Old Woman With Autism It Is My Faith & Strength In God That I've Made It As Far As I Have. I Look Forward To Gaining More Knowledge About Other Black Women and Girls With Disabilities!!

Shokana Belvins (Protagonist in My Girl Story)

Shokana Blevins is very determined to be successful in life and school. However, school stresses her out due to trying to keep up her grades and teachers. In the past, she had to overcome bullying. Her most challenge in life is overcoming Spina Bifida, a disability that affects the spine. Some people with this condition can't walk; however, she can walk but is in a lot of pain. Her days consist of pain and doctor appointments. Will she have the determination to overcome her disability and show girls that you can overcome anything you put your mind too?

Monay Williams ( Protagonist of My Girl Story)

Monay Williams is a smart young lady. However, at the age of 11 to 13, she used to be in a "gang" or a "clique" that used to jump on younger grade students at school. Even though she isn't in the gang anymore, she still got into a fight every year. With the documentary, will she find other ways to handle her anger and have a better mindset about life?